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  • PC Registry Shield ® 2015

    Powerful Registry Cleaner and PC Speed Optimizer!

    Use PC Registry Shield to fix your Windows® registry errors and optimize your PC performance. With innovative technology and advanced programming, PC Registry Shield speeds up your PC and optimizes its performance. PC Registry Shield fixes file errors, wipes unused files, and reorganizes your Windows® registry to be optimal. Best of all, PC Registry Shield's initial scan and scan results are free of charge!

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Fast and Efficient PC Speed Optimizer!

Your PC is running slower and slower? Your PC keeps crashing? One download, one scan, one click on the Fix button... That's all it takes for you to have a cleaner, better performing, much faster running PC TODAY! .

The Best Registry Cleaner!  All errors cleaned in under 3 minutes!    

Why PC Registry Shield?

  • Solid, Stable Performance
  • Advanced Settings for the computer savvy
  • Automated Settings for the average user
  • Recommended by computer professionals
  • Free life-time Support
  • Free to try, so why not?

Windows Registry Repair

PC Registry Shield repairs/deletes Missing, damaged, or corrupted files in your Windows Registry that usually cause problems.

Stops Crashing & Freezing

By fixing problematic files and extension in your PC, PC Registry Shield significantly reduces boot time, response time and the chance of a crash.

Helps Protect Your Data

PC Registry Shield helps protecting your identity by minimizing security vulnerability due to damaged files and applications.

Maintains Your PC Health

Less crashes and better performance will ultimately help maintaining your system healthy & stable. If it doesn't crash, you do not need to tweak it, hence you keep a stable ideal PC settings structure.

Optimizes Your Surfing

PC Registry Shield does NOT improve your internet speed. What it does though, is improve your browsers performance which is an acute factor in your surfing experience.

Reduce Clutter

File clutters take up a lot of hard drive space on your computer, but it can also hide problems like viruses and ad/malware. PC Registry Shield deletes it in seconds!